Capacitive Guarding


Gordon PC-1000 Proxagard 


The PC-1000 is a capacitive sensing system designed for industrial safety applications. This system consists of a control unit, a coupler and an application specific sensing antenna. This system is perfect for guarding a machine with complex geometry. A simple antenna is constructed by our installation team to guard specific areas of a machine.


The PC-1000 is a microprocessor based system that features automatic tuning, which can be manually initiated; automatic and manual alarm point (sensitivity) adjustments, a separate adjustable warning output, relay monitoring and protection circuitry, continuous self alarm check and the ability to tune up to 150 linear feet of antenna.


On initial power up the Proxagard tunes automatically with the system sensitivity defaulted to maximum. The keypad allows the authorized user to retune and alter the alarm or warning settings. These settings then become the defaults for subsequent power-ups. An access code prevents unauthorized keypad entry, and a lock option is available that requires the authorized user to have a key as well as the entry code. The alarm point and fields are displayed on a bar graph during normal operation.


                    Orange antenna guarding a rotary assembly machine



Yellow antenna guarding a box folding machine


                                   Gordon Proxagard control box