Custom Panels

JM Engineering has a very experienced engineering department and custom panel shop to design and integrate control and motor systems. We specialize in control systems for power presses, press brakes, automation servo systems, custom PLC's and redundant dual PLC systems for automation applications. We can design and build a system for practically any application small or large. JM can engineer and build practically anything, please call with assistance for your specific application.

Custom control for 3500 ton forging press with operator stand and die heater controls
Custom press control console with 3 axis feeding system, straightener and line controls.
Press control with motor starters and shut height adjustment.
Dual PLC control for automation
Standard motor control for an OBI press
Custom servo feed with press control console
Custom console for Minster 300 ton press with press control, light curtain controls, straightener controls, feed controls, payoff reel controls and tonnage monitor.
Custom furnace control
Non contact sonar loop control with DC drive.