Press Controls

JM Engineering uses the ISB RBPC resolver based press control. We have installed this control on machines from 5 ton OBI's to 2500 ton forging presses. This control costs about the same as a "cam box" control, yet is resolver based with features that rival that of systems costing much more.

The RBPC is simple to use and loaded with powerful features such as an English language display center, time based brake monitor, 4 PLS outputs, 4 programmable die protection inputs, 2 counters, 300 job storage, networking capability. All in a compact control that measures just 12" x 8".

An additional 21 die protection inputs and 8 PLS channels are available.

JM Engineering can design and install this panel mount in the correct manner for any application:

                               RBPC installed on a secondary press


RBPC in custom control station
RBPC in custom console with 3 axis feed system