Dual Safety Valves

JM Engineering carries The GPA brand of dual safety valves. Available with 120VAC or 24VDC coils, these valves are a much lower price alternative to Ross, Herion, or Honeywell valves.


GPA Dual Safety Valves

         GPA valves are redundant double body parallel  flow pneumatically actuated valves.


        Rated to limit in case of malfunction, the residual pressure to valves under 3% of inlet



        Their inherent dynamic monitoring system  blocks valve operation safely in case inner leakage


         A phase difference of a few tenths of a second causes the self locking of the valve which  cannot be inserted back until the safe running in the rest position will be restored.


         Reset is automatic when the normal function is  restored in the standby  position.



Part Number                       Inlet size               Output size           Muffler size     

56-3010-110                3 / 8                           1 / 2               1                  

56-3010-220                1 / 2                           3 / 4               1                   

56-3010-330                3 / 4                           1                    1