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Press & Die Safety BlocksPress & Die Safety Blocks

Safety Blocks absolutely need to be used when it is necessary for a press operator or setup or maintenance personnel to have “HANDS IN DIE,” or when someone is working on or in the die or within the press platen area that could cause injury should the press activate. Proper procedures call for the use of die safety blocks in these instances, with the press locked-out.¬† In the USA, this is an OSHA requirement.



Saf-T-Block is your premium quality safety block supplier at an economy cost. Our safety blocks are suitable for vertically actuating:

  • Mechanical presses
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Punch presses
  • Injection molding presses
  • Stamping & drawing presses

The Saf-T-Block plant will build to your needs, including many special options at a fair price.

They manufacture three sizes of standard style safety blocks and three sizes of adjustable safety blocks.

Quality at a Fair Price with Quick Delivery

By purchasing Saf-T-Block products you can:

  • Eliminate OSHA Concerns
  • Ensure Employee Safety
  • Purchase Premium Quality Safety Blocks at an Economy Cost
  • Receive products designed, built, and assembled by professional machinists