JM Engineering, Inc.

Safety Mats

JM Engineering carries the ISB line of Fab Mats and controls.

FAB-MATPrimary applications
FAB-MAT immediately signals automated and computerized equipment to stop when someone enters the area protected by FAB-MAT. Guards potentially dangerous areas common to metal fabricating such as CNC punching machines, benders, formers, turret punch and lathe. FAB-MAT protects the working envelope of robots (i.e., pick and place robots, paint spraying robots). It can be used to stop overhead or tabletop conveyor systems and material handling equipment.

Other uses
FAB-MAT can be used to actuate doors, burglar alarms, annunciation bells, lights and signaling devices. The FAB-MAT is appropriate around UV drying equipment, it can be used as a step tread on mass transit vehicles.


Heavy Duty Construction
FAB-MAT has a tough 1/4″ corrugated PVC surface that is non-slip and provides excellent abrasion resistance.
Only 3/8″ thick, FAB-MAT has tapered edges so carts and personnel gain easy access.
Patented Alumaglas® contact elements are totally flexible for sure contact separation. For optimum safety, 24 volts AC or DC is recommended.
FAB-MAT is water and flame resistant, extremely tough, it can withstand severe impacts without damaging Alumaglas® contacts. Sensitive to foot pressure, ramped edging FAB-MAT is available for installations which require a permanent means of mounting the mat to the floor surface.

4-Wire Construction
Standard 4-wire construction for optimum operation, so that any disruption of FAB-MAT circuitry will stop equipment. Relay is energized during normal operating conditions. Relay is de-energized when any of the following occurs:

  • mat is actuated – relay is shunted
  • there is a short circuit – relay is shunted
  • there is a break in lead wire – current is interrupted
  • there is a power loss

Standard & custom configurations
ISB will design and construct FAB-MAT to meet your exact specifications as to size, shape, and degree of sensitivity. Virtually any geometric shape is available.