JM Engineering, Inc.

Ergonomic Palm Buttons

Sof-Touch-2 Palm Button

The newly redesigned ISB Sof-Touch-2 Palm Button replacement is the gentle way to initiate your machine’s cycle. Sof-Touch-2 is a totally self-contained direct replacement for conventional mechanical spring loaded palm buttons. Sof-Touch-2 ergonomic palm buttons require no physical pressure to initiate a machine cycle, therefore they substantially reduce repetitive motion trauma such as carpal tunnel syndrome.



  • Electronic detection of operator’s hands for force-free actuation of machines utilizing error free detection technology.
  • Modern surface mount technology circuitry for high reliability.
  • Sensitivity is auto-adjusted on power up for reliable detection of fingers, even when wearing gloves.
  • No manual sensitivity adjustments.
  • Automatic drift compensation; sensitivity not affected by temperature, humidity, or supply voltage variations.
  • Automatic reset and auto-calibration if object is detected continuously for more than 60 seconds.
  • Power supply allows for 1 model to handle 12 – 26 VDC or 12 – 250 VAC.
  • Fast reaction time of less than 15 milliseconds.
  • Dual redundant force guided safety relay contacts in each button.
  • All circuitry, including output relays are contained within the housing, allowing for easier installation, even on a flat surface.


Input Power: 12-250 VAC at 3 Watts Max. or 12-26 VDC at 3 Watts Max.
Outputs: Normally Open and Normally Closed Contacts are redundant force-guided safety relay contacts with a mechanical life of 10 million operations.