JM Engineering, Inc.

Light Curtains

Merlin "T" Series Safety Light Curtains

The Merlin “T” Series Safety Light Curtains are designed to operate in the harsh environment often found in the metal stamping and fabricating industries. A Standard set of Light Curtain Columns consists of a Transmitter and Receiver that produces and monitors an invisible network of closely spaced and pulsed infrared light beams. As long as conditions are normal and all active light curtain beams are received, the machine is allowed to operate, but if any light curtain beam is blocked, the light curtain will send the machine a stop command, thereby protecting the operator.

The Columns along with either the MTB, PMT, or Merlin MTC-3000 Series of Controllers and a pair of interconnect cables are required to configure a light curtain system.


  • Very Rugged Aluminum extrusion housing 2″ x 1.75″
  • Metallic Military style connectors on columns, controllers and interconnecting cables
  • Universal column mounting brackets with rotary adjustment
  • Red alignment LED’s at each receiver photocell
  • Red, green, and amber status LED’s
  • Blue “blanking in use” LED Indicator on Column
  • ½” or 1″ beam separation
  • Multiple column configuration is available to allow one controller to handle up to several sets of columns
  • Mechanical locking tabs between each internal circuit board to allow trouble free operation even on high shock applications, yet still a serviceable column
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 25 foot scanning distance standard, extended scanning range up to 100 feet is available
  • Available starting from 6″ in height and larger, in 6″ increments