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Dual Safety Valves

GPA Dual Safety ValvesJM Engineering carries The GPA brand of dual safety valves. Available with 120VAC or 24VDC coils, these valves are a much lower price alternative to Ross, Herion, or Honeywell valves.





GPA Dual Safety Valves

  • GPA valves are redundant double body parallel  flow pneumatically actuated valves.
  • Rated to limit in case of malfunction, the residual pressure to valves under 3% of inlet pressure.
  • Their inherent dynamic monitoring system blocks valve operation safely in case inner leakage
  • A phase difference of a few tenths of a second causes the self locking of the valve which  cannot be inserted back until the safe running in the rest position will be restored.
  • Reset is automatic when the normal function is  restored in the standby  position.


Part Number                       Inlet size               Output size           Muffler size     

56-3010-110                                    3 / 8”                                   1 / 2”                            1”                  

56-3010-220                                   1 / 2”                                    3 / 4”                           1”                   

56-3010-330                                   3 / 4”                                   1”                                 1 ½”