JM Engineering, Inc.

Fourslide Control

JM Engineering has developed a custom control for fourslides that does not require the costly addition of a pneumatic clutch or brake, resolver or press control, yet it stops the machine instantly. It also incorporates a variable speed drive that can be easily adjusted right at the control station. Everything comes prewired so installation is simple. The control is on a small floorstand so it does not have to be mounted to the side of the machine. Simply connect the power and mount the motor.The safety can be from light curtains or a proximity guard.

Click here to see a short video of this control in action

Fourslide Control

This control has three modes of operation:

Hand: The motor is off and the machine can be moved using the flywheel.

Jog: The motor will run slowly when the Run button is held down.

Run: The machine will cycle in the automatic mode until the safety is interrupted or the Coast To Stop button is pressed